A multi-sensory room is a stimulating environment aimed at developing coordination, motor skills, colour recognition, communication and sensory skills for children and adults with sensory impairments. 
It enables parents and/or children to relax and meditate in a calming, safe environment. 
It stimulates sensory understanding and general development, and regular use of a sensory room can help those with hidden impairments gain confidence to explore their surroundings. 
It can be used for all ages from babies to the elderly. 
The facilities can be used both passively and interactively to: 
Calm overactive behaviours 
Relax and bond with children / parents / carers 
Empower children to learn to share and socialise with other children in a calm, relaxing setting 
Engage or stimulate the senses to learn 
Control new movements or recover / re-learn / rehabilitate 
Our sensory room is free to use for our members. It is open Monday to Friday 9.00am-6.00pm, Saturday 12.00 noon-5.00pm and other times by prior arrangement. If you would like to book the sensory room, please email whishgroup@gmail.com or call 01947 899685. 
Any member of the public can hire the sensory room. It is especially beneficial to young children, adults with learning difficulties, people with mental health issues and the elderly with dementia related difficulties. 
If you are not a member it is £20 an hour to hire, if you would like to hire the sensory room, please email whishgroup@gmail.com or call 01947 899685 
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